You can turn your passion into profit. I’m here to show you
to find more jobs, how to market yourself and how
to price your services.

Yeah, but how?


… you need to treat your freelance dance career as the business that it is.
… you need to create your own work opportunities, so you are no longer waiting to get hired. 
… you need to learn different pricing strategies and budgeting methods.

You need to know what your worth, so you don’t have to settle for opportunities that offer no or too little pay anymore.

How can I help?

There are a lot of ways you can learn. I have made all of the information available in different formats, so that you can decide how you want to learn.

Do it yourself

Get started by reading articles, watching videos or taking part in courses. You can choose the subject that interests you.

Done for you

You can let me make professional materials for you, such as resumes, biographies, video reels and websites.

Work with me

For all your big and more detailed goals you can work with me one-on-one in my dance and business coaching program.

“I strongly believe we should all be working in jobs we absolutely love. Even if that means we have to create our own opportunities”.

Melissa is able to offer comprehensive business strategies based on personal goals and needs. She makes tried and tested business theories and methods applicable to the urban dance industry. She is able to get dramatic results for each individual client.

Let’s Do This

With over 8 years of experiences as a business coach in the dance industry, Melissa can help you to create a sustainable career and profitable business from scratch.

Professional Starterkit

Resume + Biography + More


Businesses + Events


Social Media + Marketing + Finance

Business Review

Business Proces Analysis

Business coaching

Action Plan + Support

Dance coaching

1-on-1 Personal Training